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6 Most Relevant News From MWC21 On The Third Day Of Fair

According to data from the Strategy Analytics firm, the sales of smartphones5G will reach 624 million units in this year of 2021, compared to 269 million in 2020. The availability of terminals and the growing applications of this type of networks are giving wings to the market. Another significant data according to figures released by the GSMA, organizer of the MWC, suggest that by the end of 2025 1,800 million 5G connections will be reached, which would be equivalent to more than a fifth of the total connections of mobile telephony.

The association estimates that 5G connections will account for 21% of the entire planet, and more than two in five people are expected to live within reach of a 5G network. At this juncture, 5G applications and devices proliferate that can now operate at full capacity thanks to higher speed, lower latency and greater connection capacity.

New applications and devices, as seen in this edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC,) combine virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), a niche closely linked to the deployment of 5G, in full swing.

A curious example has been brought by the Malaga video game company Owo, which has presented an article of clothing capable of transforming the visual inputs of a video game, such as a shot or a punch, into personalized physical stimuli modulated by the user, a real delight for the gamers. Make videos by combining more than 200 cameras

The startup IZI has presented an app based on artificial intelligence that produces videos with more than 200 cameras at the same time. It is based on a technology that, through algorithms based on artificial intelligence, allows movies to be made with more than 200 cameras simultaneously. It is an application to produce live concert clips in a collaborative way, integrating the recordings of the public and musicians with the audio quality of the sound table.

As for the technology, which is used for both face-to-face and online concerts, it allows you to integrate videos of various qualities and obtain a very good personalized result. It is a system that according to its creators: ‘It revolutionizes the use of the camera on mobile phones, since we created the mobile phone with 200 cameras, combining the recordings of the musicians from the stage, those of a group of friends who attend the concert or those who watch it online from home. ‘

The Robinhat company creates with Eurecat a surgical cap that allows doctors to record interventions. The prototype, called RobinCam , is announced at this edition of the Mobile World Congress. It is a patented product with textile and material technology for making live connections and recording interventions, in order to be able to analyze the videos afterwards.

The cap incorporates technology to activate the recording mechanism by passing the hand closely without the need to manipulate it, so that it is possible to maintain hygiene and safety standards in the operating room. It has a laser light that has a cross shape to indicate the exact point that is being recorded and consists of the box with the electronics and the camera, which are joined by a magnetic solution that, in addition to positioning them correctly, allows their extraction for the cap washing.

It is ‘a revolutionary product that allows and facilitates the surgeon’s work when recording and recording their surgeries with an operating room element such as the cap that they must use yes or yes’, says the CEO of Robinhat, Javier Garrido, that advances that with RobinCam “it will be possible to record, store and share content and in the future incorporate more functionalities that will allow access to medical knowledge and training in a more affordable way”.

Huawei has presented a series of Smart Screens and specifically the new Vision S , a screen that has the MeeTime application. Vision S is intelligent and integrates a 13 MP camera with which it redefines the concept of video calling, since it allows it to be made from a large screen.

The camera allows to capture and reproduce high resolution images and is characterized by being magnetically mounted, so it can be removed if the user wishes and placed at the angle that most favors communication.

The MeeTime application allows you to make calls with a stable connection, high definition image quality and quick response, making them more efficient and without interruptions. Also, if the network signal is weak, the built-in AI will automatically switch to a lower video resolution to continue to ensure call quality.

Google Maps has transformed the way people navigate, explore and perform tasks. In this application, the firm has announced a significant expansion of the limits of what can be done with a map, incorporating pioneering functions in the sector, such as navigation in Augmented Reality with Live View .

It was a few weeks ago that it was reported that before the end of the year more than 100 Google Maps improvements powered by Artificial Intelligence would be consolidated, and this Maps improvement has already become a reality. Routing Advances are designed to reduce the likelihood of hard braking while driving, thanks to machine learning and historical navigation data. The firm indicates that this change will avoid each year more than 100 million sudden stops on routes guided by Google Maps.

It is also noted that thanks to greater customization, when looking for things to do, the map will highlight the relevant places, depending on the time of day and whether or not you are traveling. Live View enhancements and more detailed street plans will allow you to explore and get to know an area in depth as quickly as possible.

One of the featured applications presented at this MWC is Typewise Keyboard for smartphones , for iOs and Android operating systems, which offers features such as efficient Artificial Intelligence error correction (by 80%) and 70% larger keys with assisted hexagonal layout. by gestures.

This tool sees the light, according to the developers, because the conventional keyboard, created 140 years ago for typewriters, and passed as is to digital is slow and produces typographical errors. The new Typewise interface is not the usual Qwerty , the letters are arranged within a hexagon, deleting a letter or word like writing in lowercase does not follow the classic pattern we are used to, it will simply require swiping in one direction.

Typewise is a smart keyboard designed for privacy, the developers claim that it does not require an Internet connection, does not memorize personal data, or habits. It allows you to type 33% faster with 4 times fewer typos and with 100% privacy since the keystrokes do not leave the phone.

‍Accepts more than 40 languages ​​without the need to manually switch between them.

Digital ‘Guardian Angel’ for cyclists
Deutsche Telekom and Continental have introduced a collision alert system that warns of accidents between cars and cyclists, as well as other vulnerable users, such as users of scooters, motorcycles and pedestrians. In case they can cross at the same time, the system notifies both users through alerts in real time.

The collision alert system is based on satellite location (GPS), acceleration sensors, mobile devices and cloud technology. The car transmits its position and acceleration levels to the cloud through the mobile phone, the cyclist also sends this information to the cloud through the smartphone and the system calculates the trajectories in the next five seconds by sending a warning to the car and the device of the cyclist if the collision is imminent.

To ensure that this information reaches both users as soon as possible, the computer synchronized to the cloud of the mobile network closest to the place of the possible collision is always used. This is the so-called multi-access edge technology .



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