Helping people realise their dreams: UK Trailer Company builds houses on wheels!

Neil Hall McLean and Leo De Watts are two inspiring individuals, who identified a need within society and sought to improve or fix it.

The two founders of HM-D Trailers established their company in order to provide wider access to affordable, sustainable and transportable homes. Thus, they built their first Tiny House on Wheels – the “NaviHo Apex”

The project almost failed at the first hurdle as it was next to impossible to source road-legal trailers that were of a high enough standard to build on. The trailers needed to be lightweight, long-lasting, strong, durable, and capable of carrying significant weight. The problem wasn’t going to solve itself, and soon after realising there were others looking to solve a similar need Neil and Leo set up HM-D Trailers. The company exists to provide tiny house trailers that can be built on, where the builder or designer can create structures to meet a range of requirements.

Leo states that success has come from centering their business around their customers’ needs. “Our customers are the foundation of our business. We invest time in talking with customers to understand their requirements, and in doing so, we are able to offer advice on build techniques that are specific to building on trailers.”

Neil states that HM-D’s tiny house trailers provide a mobile foundation that gives customers the freedom to create and build almost any mobile structure or building imaginable. “A mobile structure can function either as a place to live, a place to work from, or as a means to produce additional income. Selecting the right trailer is the most important step of the design and build process.”HMD Trailers 2

HM-D Trailers have supplied tiny house trailers to customers who have built a range of structures. One instance is where a young couple who were just starting out were unable to afford their own home.

Instead, they were able to utilise some space alongside a house belonging to one of their parents. They built a tiny house on a trailer and sited it alongside the house to function as an annexe. Another customer built a mobile office on an HM-D Trailer, and sited it down one end of their garden to maximise their view while they worked, but it has also enabled them to separate their work-life from their home-life.

In both instances, having a separate building gives the young couple (and the parents) their own independence and privacy, and the work-from-home-client is able to work free from distraction and can now conduct video conference calls without interruption. Given that most people’s circumstances will change at some point, these mobile spaces can be transported to wherever these customers might move to in the future, or they could be onward sold.

While annexes and home offices may be the obvious choice for a mobile building, there has been a surge in popularity in creating beautifully unique holiday lets. The HM-D Trailer base affords more floor space than a shepherd’s hut, meaning that the buildings feel a lot bigger and often include far better appointed kitchens and bathrooms. HM-D Trailers supply trailers to a number of companies who specialise in building tiny houses on wheels for end-customers, as well as to individuals who rent tiny houses out for holiday-lets. Neil and Leo actively look to support their customers, and have believed in some of them so much that they have even invested in them.

Aside from accommodation, the HM-D Trailers are utilised by customers who run mobile businesses, and have included a mobile fishmongers, a portaloo rental company, event exhibition sales kiosks, mobile gin bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. They have also had enquiries from customers looking to set up mobile churches and libraries.

If you’re wondering about the towing characteristics then the HM-D Trailers are road-legal in the UK and in Europe, and their suspension affords them a smooth ride. With regards to durability the trailer chassis are double-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion and come with a 5 year warranty. With regards to price then all up-to-date pricing, as well as dimensions, can be found on the HM-D Trailers website, where you’ll also find that HM-D Trailers are available to buy through staged payments and also with insurance. The team at HM-D Trailers are always enthusiastic to hear about their customer’s projects and to give advice where needed.



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