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Plates4Gifts Debuts Just in Time for the Festive Season – Experts in Personalised High-End Gifts

As Christmas draws near, Plates4Less has introduced a Gift Hub. This collection of guides is designed to assist those considering private plates as presents. The hub includes a search guide, a purchasing guide, a recipient’s guide, an FAQ section, and a Christmas guide. The private number plate sector has seen a significant 30% growth over the past five years, with 40% of Plates4Less clients purchasing them as gifts. Plates4Less delivers a straightforward and comprehensive gifting service. Ideal for last-minute Christmas shopping, these meaningful, enduring gifts are available.

Plates4Less announces the launch of their Plates4Gifts Guide as Christmas approaches. Tailored to simplify shopping, this guide provides invaluable assistance to those seeking to discreetly find and purchase the ideal number plate as a gift.

Following the surge in popularity of Private Plates as gifts in the UK, Plates4Less has observed that 40% of their customers choose number plates as special presents.

Plates4Less offers a downloadable, free certificate, perfect for extremely last-minute gifts. For those planning ahead, an upgraded presentation pack option is available, presenting the certificate in a ribbon-adorned folder, with next-working-day delivery for orders placed before 2pm.

Personalised Plates Are More Popular Now Than Ever

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, confirms the rising trend in personalised number plates.

He commented: “In the past five years, there’s been a significant 30% rise in the demand for private plates. As cars become pricier yet more reliable, some opt for a new plate over a new vehicle.

“Private plates appeal due to their uniqueness, offering a way to personalise mass-produced vehicles. Our clients often seek plates to make their cars stand out, whether for ease of identification in parking lots or for security against theft and cloning.”

Antony Clark, a number plate expert, reveals that many private plates are likely bought as gifts.

He explained: “Currently, about 2 in 5 of our customers purchase private number plates as gifts.”

What Makes Number Plates Good Gifts?

Antony observed: “People seek gifts that are thoughtful and luxurious – private plates tick both boxes. They are especially appealing for those hard-to-buy-for individuals.”

Private Plates are unique gifts that can last a lifetime, moving from one vehicle to another, often appreciating in value.

“With less interest in trips and experience days, clients now favour tangible gifts. The process of finding and buying a private number plate itself becomes an enjoyable shared experience,” Antony added.

How to Find a Private Plate for Someone Else

With growing demand, Plates4Less has introduced the Plates4Gifts Hub to aid customers throughout the buying process.

Antony noted: “We aim to empower independent searches while still offering our assistance.”

The process, detailed in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, involves starting with a primary idea like a name or initials, then expanding it with additional elements such as significant numbers or dates.

Top Tips From An Expert

  1. Create and Share a Shortlist
    • Compile a list of potential plates, seeking input from friends or family of the recipient. Alternatively, involve the recipient in choosing from the shortlist.
  2. If Future Resale Value is Important
    • For investment-focused gifts, consider broader appeal options, like names over initials, or plates with round or repeating numbers.
  3. You Can Buy Now for Later Use
    • Secure unique registration marks from Plates4Less for future gifting, even if the recipient currently lacks a vehicle.

Plates4Less, part of VRM Swansea, is a leading private number plate agency in the UK, boasting over 67 million registrations and an advanced search engine. Established in 1997, the company has earned extensive acclaim on Trustpilot.

Despite its name, Plates4Less brokered the UK’s most expensive private sale in 2022, exceeding £600,000.



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