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EsteCapelli Introduces Breakthrough Exosome Hair Transplant Method

EsteCapelli Medical Solutions, a prestigious European medical centre, has announced the introduction of the Exosome method in hair transplantation, marking a significant milestone in hair loss treatment. The method involves the application of exosome plasmas, infused with proteins from umbilical cord blood, to invigorate cell growth in the treatment area and reinforce hair follicle health through signalling molecules.

As a leading institution in hair transplantation and regenerative medicine within Europe, EsteCapelli has debuted the Exosome hair transplant technique, embodying the most advanced technological and therapeutic breakthroughs in the arena of hair loss. Guided by the renowned Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, EsteCapelli has implemented the Exosome hair therapy technique, enhancing the efficacy and aesthetic outcomes of hair transplants, ensuring the emergence of hair that is both healthier and more authentic in appearance.

Exosomes have gained recognition for their significant impact on hair aesthetic improvements and rejuvenation, underpinned by robust scientific investigation. These exosome plasmas, acting as intrinsic promoters of hair regeneration, stimulate cell replication in the transplant area and fortify the growth of hair follicles through the transmission of signalling molecules.

Bridging Science and Innovation in Hair Restoration

Exosome therapy employs the inherent potential of exosomes, derived from cells in optimal conditions, to achieve targeted therapeutic effects. This therapy is instrumental in supporting the formation, proliferation, and maintenance of hair follicles in hair transplantation, leveraging exosomes extracted from cord blood, packed with proteins, growth factors, and minerals, to nurture healthier hair regeneration.

Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar shed light on the impact of this approach at EsteCapelli, stating, “The intersection of science and high technology with years of experience is a breakthrough in hair restoration. Science has almost reached its peak in hair transplantation technology.”

Innovating Hair Transplantation and Healing

Exosomes from umbilical cord blood plasma address a crucial challenge in the recovery process following hair transplantation. The Exosome treatment simplifies the acclimatisation of grafts to their new surroundings, enabling the transplanted hair to thrive healthily, thereby heralding a new era in hair transplant technology. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar remarked, “For patients looking for the best hair transplant method, Exosome hair treatment makes it possible to get more effective results in a shorter time.”

Surpassing 15,000 Successful Procedures

EsteCapelli, a pioneer in introducing Turkey’s health tourism capabilities to an international clientele and a major health tourism exporter to 47 nations, consistently leads the way in adopting the latest advancements in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery for its patients. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, EsteCapelli’s esteemed hair transplant specialist and Medical Director, emphasised the clinic’s commitment to ensuring patient satisfaction, with over 15,000 patients globally benefiting from successful treatments. He declared, “As EsteCapelli, we have once again proven our commitment to offer the most advanced technology and the best results with the Exosome hair transplant method. This innovation reinforces our leading position in our field. Anyone who wants to open the door to a happy future can benefit from the end-to-end hair transplantation service offered by EsteCapelli in Istanbul.”

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