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PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios Bring a Strong Brand Partnership that Changes the Game

PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios are excited to announce a new partnership that will make a huge impact in digital marketing and public relations! These two experts plan to work together to strengthen the PRNEWS.IO Reward Program and bring users unparalleled services. 

PRNEWS.IO has an expansive network of over 100,000 media outlets across the globe to offer clients, and Joseph Studios offers expert advice in crafting engaging digital marketing strategies for any target audience. By covering all bases, these two strong brands help other businesses remain consistent and compelling to their customers.

Daniel Klein, Founder and CEO of Joseph Studios, said about their recent success, “Our agency’s dedication to excellence is showcased every day by the amazing talent and team who are driving results for our clients. They are a testament to Joseph Studios’ commitment to client success, innovative approaches, and the superior quality of our services.”

Additionally, PRNEWS.IO founder Alexander Storozhuk said about the partnership, “Our collaboration with Joseph Studios is another step towards expanding the capabilities of both our companies and our clients. We are proud to have such partners whom we can recommend to our users. Altogether, this defines our path for further development and growth, conquering new markets and attracting new clients.”

The PRNEWS.IO Reward Program is built on a combination of joint expertise and stronger brand associations. Brands are able to cultivate strong affiliations by collaborating and amplifying brand recognition. These collaborations can also help broaden client bases and improve product and service offerings. 

Stronger brand associations also help strengthen trust and credibility amongst customers. Businesses connected to well-known names in the industry, like PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios, are seen as more reliable and authentic. This is essential in a digital age where trust can be hard to come by. 

Helping companies reach their goals more efficiently

The two areas of expertise that the brands focus on – digital marketing and public relations – also come together to empower businesses to create and implement their own public relations campaigns. Every business has its own unique goals – by partnering with the right brands and partnerships, companies can reach their goals more efficiently. By joining forces, PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios aim to help businesses unleash their full potential. 

In fact, this was part of the driving force behind the PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios partnership. By leveraging the distinct yet complementary skill sets of each organization, this partnership brings a brand new approach to content strategy. Businesses can rely on new solutions that meet the needs of modern-day problems, keeping strategies innovative yet effective. Plus, these solutions can be highly targeted to even the most niche audiences, helping businesses get the engagement they’re looking for. 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s essential to adapt and stay ahead of trends. By partnering, PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios can anticipate market shifts and offer updated services to clients, keeping them competitive in their industries. Without these partnerships, businesses would be forced to outsource to multiple organizations to get the solutions they need, and they may not be entirely effective. 

There are several advantages to joining the PRNEWS.IO Rewards Program:

  1. Clients of Joseph Studios will be offered complimentary access to the PRO version of PRNEWS.IO’s catalog for two months, giving them access to a wide range of media outlet opportunities.
  2. Joseph Studios is offering a 12% discount on services to clients who reference this partnership.

Through these special offers, both PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios aim to make their services more accessible and affordable compared to other market competitors.

Both PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios are proud to combine their powerful visions for the future. Through strong brand associations and leveraging combined expertise, the two are set perfectly to offer services of unparalleled value to clients. With these tools, clients become empowered not only to succeed but to excel in such a competitive marketplace. By working together, PRNEWS.IO and Joseph Studios are proving that collaboration is the new standard in the industry. 

About Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is known for its innovative digital marketing and public relations approaches. The Digital Marketing and PR Agency shapes customer communities through their excellent work and has won several awards, including “Digital Marketing Agency of the Year – 2023” and a Stevie Award for best company of the year.


It is the world’s first online content marketing platform marketplace. They offer users a seamless platform to publish various content across global media outlets. Users enjoy their user-friendly interface and fixed pricing, which makes transactions clear and simple. PRNEWS.IO makes the process of finding ideal media space for specific audiences easy. 

Those interested in exploring the benefits of the PRNEWS.IO Reward Program can find more information on their website. Together, the two brands are set to redefine content marketing in the digital age and usher in a new era of success in this field. Clients that take advantage of this partnership have unmatched opportunities for growth and success. 



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