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Incspaces on Creating Supportive Working Spaces for Members

Mental Health Awareness Week is well and truly here, and this is the perfect time to look closely at what some office providers are doing to help their clients.  

Serviced office providers are uniquely positioned to contribute to this area, especially given their influence on the physical and social environments where people work. The office vs home-working debate still exists and will last for some time, but for those looking to get out of the house, it’s now more important than ever that they find somewhere to feel comfortable & creative. 

Creating Supportive Environments  

It may seem minimal, but the layout and design of an office can impact the mental well-being of its tenants. Incorporating natural lighting, quiet zones, and comfortable lounging areas can significantly enhance employee morale and productivity.   

We caught up with Allysia Hunter, the General Manager at incspaces Manchester who said: “We’ve seen through our clients the value of regular feedback to understand their needs, and we then work to accommodate these. So far, this has led us to introduce things like phone booths, free talks/events & regular community events”.  

Promoting Community and Connectivity  

One of the key strategies in combating workplace mental health issues is fostering a sense of community. Serviced office providers can facilitate this with events that bring people together, creating a more connected community.   

Those who choose to use an office don’t want to be the only ones in the building, so being able to share a conversation with like-minded individuals is fantastic for their encouragement to keep office spaces full of life.  

Educational Talks and Workshops  

Education is vital in changing perceptions and reducing the stigmas associated with mental health. Office providers can contribute by using their spaces to host talks and workshops that address various aspects of mental health, including stress management, mindfulness, and resilience building. These educational initiatives can empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to manage their mental health proactively, and if these spaces can be offered for free, then it will allow these talks to happen much more frequently.  

Supporting Charitable Causes  

Aligning with charitable causes related to mental health can amplify the efforts of serviced office providers to make a real impact. incspaces’ initiative to support mental health research through fundraising activities like raffles during “Wear It Green Day” exemplifies how businesses can engage in meaningful contributions to the broader community. These activities not only raise necessary funds for mental health initiatives but also demonstrate a corporate commitment to a cause that affects millions worldwide.  

For those who use an office either full or part-time, the environment you work in can become a large part of life. From creating your best work to engaging with the community you are a part of, these minor details help to shape the much bigger picture of keeping us in check. We rely on our offices to be set up in a way which supports us in everything we do, which is where providers have a huge role to play.  



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