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Inc & Co on the Strategic Advantages of Company Acquisitions

Company acquisitions can be a smart strategy for growth, enabling fast expansion and an enhanced market presence. Manchester-based private equity firm Inc & Co has long been dealing with the mergers and acquisitions of some well-known and much-loved brands, recently expanding their portfolio even further as luxury lingerie brand Studio PIA was acquired. 

Catalysts for Growth and Expansion   

Since 2019, Inc & Co’s business plan has been centred around mergers & acquisitions, allowing for quick growth across a range of sectors. By the company’s own admission, it’s common to see many businesses struggle for a variety of reasons under the current economic situation, and therefore opportunities arise for a takeover.   

Some simply need the support and leadership to grow, or there are those who are ready for a change in direction. Inc & Co are no strangers to these situations, and so the firm positions itself to support and grow these businesses into what they were always meant to be.     

Why should you sell your business? 

There are a variety of reasons that acquisitions happen, and some of their benefits include: 

  • Shared expertise across acquired brands 
  • Enhanced revenue streams through Access to new markets 
  • Increased market share through new products and services  
  • Operational Synergies and efficiencies  

Through their work, Inc & Co have found that Acquisitions allow for the alignment of complementary strengths, resulting in higher operational efficiencies. By integrating Studio PIA’s operations with its network of diverse companies, Inc & Co can leverage partnerships that optimise production, distribution, and marketing strategies to drive profitability and reduce overhead costs.   

What is the Employee Impact  of an acquisition? 

Acquisitions often lead to significant employee changes, including career growth opportunities and skills development. Whilst uncertainty is always bound to arise, Inc & Co focuses on smooth transitions, maintaining open communication channels and integrating employees effectively to capitalise on their expertise to better the company culture.  

Access to New Technologies and Innovations   

Acquisitions often bring new technologies and innovative business practices that can be pivotal in maintaining competitive advantages. By acquiring companies with unique technological assets or innovative business models, Inc & Co injects fresh expertise and capabilities into its portfolio, ensuring that its entire group of companies stay ahead of technological curves and market demands.   

Case Study: Studio PIA   

Studio PIA joined the Inc & Co group in May 2024 in a way to elevate the brand to new heights with a plan to introduce Studio Pia’s sustainable lingerie to a broader audience through various channels including wholesale, pop-up stores, concessions globally, and premium third-party websites.  

By Founder, Pia’s own admission, the practicality of running a business takes its toll: “Honestly the last couple of years post-covid have been challenging to say the least. My team worked incredibly hard to grow, but the reality was we’d been living hand-to-mouth, never having enough to invest in the areas we know we needed to.” 

Now under Inc & Co’s guidance, Studio PIA will get the support and direction it needs, with future plans including a brand refresh, new website & new product ranges, with the help of Inc & Co’s in-house commercial and finance team.  

Inc & Co Group CEO Jack Mason said: This marks a significant milestone as we continue our expansion into retail with Studio Pia, which retains a level of equity under its current management.”   

Other acquisitions for the Inc & Co group include Maker&Son, Knomo London & incspaces.   

Inc & Co’s approach to acquisitions has always been in line with a commitment to growth, streamlining operations, and expansion as shown in their recent acquisition of Studio PIA. 

If you would like to understand more about how the company operates with acquisitions, then please visit incandco.com for more insights. 




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