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Incspaces Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office

A virtual office can be a great service for any business start-up, a way to show a professional image while protecting your personal information. What are the benefits, though, and is it essential? We sat down with incspaces based in Manchester to discover why it’s essential for all entrepreneurs. 

Can I use a virtual office to access my official company address?   

One of the first decisions to make when setting up a business is where to register the company address. It is advisable to avoid listing a home address on Companies House for the public to see.   

To clarify the options, we contacted Incspaces, a leading office solutions provider in Manchester and Leeds with plans to expand globally. Here’s what we learned from our conversation.   

Can a Virtual Office or Virtual Address Be Used on Companies House?   

According to incspaces, the answer is yes. A virtual office address can be listed on Companies House and HMRC, and it has many other benefits.   

What is a Virtual Office, and How Does It Work?   

Incspaces explained that a virtual office provides a physical address and office-related services without needing expensive physical office space. These services include mail handling, front desk services, and access to various meeting rooms, allowing a business to have an established presence.   

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Virtual Office?   

Incspaces can set up a virtual office within a day, allowing immediate use of the address provided. Thus, starting a business venture is quick and easy.   

Does a Virtual Office Include Physical Space for Work?   

Most virtual office suppliers do not include workspace. However, incspaces offers Infinity Office, an all-in-one virtual office address with co-working desk space included. This allows businesses to have a flexible working environment as needed.   

What Are the Additional Benefits of Using a Virtual Office?   

Using a virtual office address is essential for any new start-up or entrepreneur to showcase their professional image and protect personal information, such as a private home address. It also allows businesses to expand their presence without the overhead costs of a physical office.   

Incspaces also highlighted that Infinity Office can provide businesses access to meeting rooms and conference facilities, which are essential for hosting clients and conducting professional meetings.   

Why Is It Important to Protect Personal Information?   

Once information is online, it creates a digital imprint, so using something other than a home address online is best. Incspaces stressed that using a virtual address on Companies House or with HMRC is the right choice for most start-ups and entrepreneurs. Protecting personal information and projecting a professional image is crucial for any new business owner.   

To conclude, incspaces recommends virtual offices as an optimal solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to establish a professional image while safeguarding personal information.   

Learn more about Infinity Office by visiting www.incspaces.com.   



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