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The Expert’s Guide to Caring for Alloy Wheels and Refurbishment

Alloy wheels, known for their attractive design and functional benefits, are a favourite among car enthusiasts and daily drivers. This expert guide outlines the...

North West Car Dealership Chapelhouse plugs in to Charge-M8

Popular North West Car Dealership Chapelhouse Motor Group has enlisted support from electric car charging specialists Charge-M8 to offer a home charging installation service...

DVLA Prohibits Several Number Plate Combinations Ahead of Upcoming Changes this Week

In anticipation of new regulations set to take effect this week, the DVLA has implemented a ban on certain number plate combinations, aiming to...

Car Expert’s Cautionary Note to Drivers After Victims Fall Prey to Social Media Scams, Losing Thousands of Pounds

Jon Kirkbright, a seasoned car expert with over 11 years in the motor industry, is sounding the alarm for drivers following a string of...

Decoding the Hidden Significance of Letters on Vehicle Number Plates Explained by Auto Expert

The arrangement of numbers and letters on car registration plates is a familiar sight, but beneath the surface lies a structured pattern that might...

Number Plate Cloning Costs UK Motorists Millions in Fines

Number plate cloning is becoming a rampant issue across the UK, resulting in fines and legal troubles for thousands of innocent drivers, warn number...

Victims of Number Plate Clone Scams Seek Solace in Personalised Number Plates, Expert Claims

According to a car expert, drivers who have fallen prey to number plate clone scams have been resorting to personalised number plates for assistance. Criminals...


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