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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Life360 Unveils New In-App Landing Alerts for Air Travel Updates

  • Rolling out this week, the product update alerts Life360 members when someone from their circle touches down from a flight.
  • The feature offers families added peace of mind as the 2024 travel season ramps up and is available to all Life360 members.

Embark on a new journey! Life360, the premier app for family safety and location sharing, relied upon by over 66 million users monthly, is thrilled to announce its newest in-app feature today: Landing Notifications. This innovative feature automatically sends alerts to members when a Circle member has landed from a flight, providing families with increased reassurance. Available to all Life360 members starting this week, Landing Notifications make it easier to keep track of loved ones’ travel details.

“As we introduce Landing Notifications, our aim remains consistent: to elevate the experience for our valued members,” stated Chris Hulls, Founder and CEO of Life360. “We are committed to equipping our members with tools that streamline their daily lives. We recognise the significance of travel within our community, and thus, Landing Notifications embodies our dedication to keeping our members seamlessly connected with their loved ones.”

The Life360 app’s Landing Notifications offer a timely solution to the common issues of delayed or inaccurate information from traditional flight tracking services or the hassle of waiting for travel updates directly from the traveller. This feature does away with the need for specific flight details, effectively tracking flights globally, whether domestic or international. Life360 employs a sophisticated flight detection algorithm that uses the phone’s built-in sensors to accurately determine flight status, even when the phone is in airplane mode, ensuring Circle members are notified promptly once the traveller’s phone reconnects.

Moreover, a novel movement status symbolised by an airplane icon will be introduced on the Life360 map, a first for the app. This icon allows users to visually track a Circle member’s flight status. The app displays various movement icons depending on the speed of travel, enriching the real-time visibility of Circle members’ whereabouts. This feature, combined with Focus Mode, provides a detailed view of the current speed and location of Circle members at a glance.

Life360, serving over 66 million individuals globally and four million within the UK, enables members to share their locations and movements with their close contacts effortlessly. Alongside location sharing and Landing Notifications, Life360 offers an array of features such as driving analytics, collision detection, emergency assistance, and more, all aimed at fostering safety and connectivity. Additionally, Life360’s acquisition of Tile, the Bluetooth tracking device, allows members to incorporate important items into their Life360 map, ensuring everything from vehicles to pets is easily locatable, providing comprehensive peace of mind.

For more information on Landing Notifications and other initiatives, visit Life360 on FacebookXInstagramYouTube.



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