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Discover the UK’s Coffee Capitals: tastecard Unravels the Nation’s Caffeine Hotspots

At tastecard, we have a deep appreciation for a good cup of Joe, just like everyone else. But our curiosity got the best of us, and we couldn’t help but wonder: what do people enjoy sipping on, and, more importantly, saving money on? We decided to dig into the UK’s caffeine habits to uncover which cities are the most coffee-obsessed and which types of coffee are the go-to choices to kickstart the day.

And The Most Caffeinated City Is…

Our data analysis has unveiled that London takes the crown, with an astonishing 97,270 monthly searches for coffee. Following closely are Edinburgh (20,290), Manchester (15,000), and Birmingham (11,810). On the flip side, Southwark seems to be in need of a caffeine boost, with only 700 monthly searches for coffee and 5,600 in 2023 alone.

The Top 5 Most Caffeinated Cities of 2023 are:

  1. London – 778,160 total searches
  2. Edinburgh – 162,320 total searches
  3. Manchester – 120,000 total searches
  4. Birmingham – 118,080 total searches
  5. York – 112,000 total searches

The Nation’s Favourite Coffee?

When it comes to coffee types, the unassuming Americano takes the lead with an impressive 1,350,960 average searches in 2023. It’s closely followed by the Flat White (216,800), Cappuccino (177,600), and the exotic Chai Latte (177,600).

The Top 3 Coffee Types of 2023 are:

  1. Americano – 1,350,960 total searches*
  2. Flat White – 216,800 total searches*
  3. Cappuccino – 177,600 total searches*

What’s Brewing in Coffee Shops?

Our data also provides insights into the nation’s preferred coffee purchases among tastecard’s audience. The Latte Regular takes the lead with 22.3k sold, followed by Cappuccino Regular (14.6k sold), Flat White (13.9k sold), and Americano Regular (13.1k sold).

The Top 3 Coffee Purchases are:

  1. Latte Regular – 22.3k sold
  2. Cappuccino Regular – 14.6k sold
  3. Flat White – 13.9k sold

Are You Ready To Join The Buzz?

We hope our caffeinated investigation has provided some eye-opening insights. Whether you’re an Americano aficionado in London or a Latte lover in Oxford, it’s clear that the UK boasts a diverse community of coffee enthusiasts.

But the most crucial fact of all is the 25% savings on barista-made drinks that tastecard offers. This means that non-tastecard members are missing out on potential savings of £117!

Notes: *Savings are based on using tastecard’s 25% discount on barista-made drinks, calculated using the national average coffee price, with the average user purchasing coffee three times a week.

Join tastecard today to enjoy your favorite drinks while saving money and becoming a part of the nation’s cherished coffee tradition!

*Note: Savings are based on the national average price of a cup of coffee at £3.25, with the average user buying coffee three times a week.

Location | Coffee (total search volume over 2023)
London | 778,160
Edinburgh | 162,320
Soho | 128,080
Manchester | 120,000
Glasgow | 118,080
York | 112,000
Birmingham | 94,480
Oxford | 88,720
Brighton | 78,720
Bath | 76,240
Cardiff | 76,000
Bristol | 74,960
Cambridge | 72,240
Covent Garden | 70,560
Leeds | 64,160
Reading | 63,200
Liverpool | 56,960
Newcastle | 53,360
Sheffield | 46,240
Nottingham | 40,480
Camden | 40,240
Aberdeen | 39,360
Leicester | 36,480
Wandsworth | 32,960
Chester | 32,720
Milton Keynes | 31,520
Norwich | 30,640
Southampton | 26,080
Hackney | 23,760
Plymouth | 22,960
Hull | 21,600
Dundee | 20,880
Greenwich | 19,040
Bournemouth | 18,880
Derby | 18,240
Swansea | 17,120
Coventry | 13,680
Bradford | 11,920
Bolton | 10,800
Blackpool | 7,600
Southwark | 5,600



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