Lexxic Presents: “Taking Action for Impact: Building a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace Culture” to Commemorate National Inclusion Week

Lexxic, a trailblazing neurodiversity consultancy committed to aiding businesses in cultivating diverse and neuro-inclusive workplaces, is set to host an engaging webinar on September 27, 2023, from 12pm to 1pm, in celebration of National Inclusion Week. Founded by Inclusive Employers, this week-long event spotlights the significance of inclusivity in workplaces and encourages a focus on creating all-encompassing environments.

The theme for this year, “Taking Action, Making Impact,” urges individuals and organisations to contemplate the steps they can take to effect a positive change in others’ lives. National Inclusion Week motivates companies to actively contribute to fostering an atmosphere that values and embraces every individual’s unique perspective.

With approximately 1 in 7 individuals in the UK and Ireland identifying as neurodivergent, the importance of inclusivity is gaining traction. Lexxic acknowledges the necessity for organisations to establish a workplace culture that celebrates all minds and ensures that neurodiverse individuals feel a sense of belonging.

Lexxic’s forthcoming webinar, titled “Building a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace Culture,” is designed to provide participants with actionable insights into constructing a culture of neuro-inclusion that spans the entire employee journey.

This interactive session will cover the definition of neuro-inclusion and underscore its pivotal role in shaping organisational culture. It will offer strategies for organisations to initiate and advance their pursuit of neuro-inclusion, underscore the manifold advantages of fostering a neuro-inclusive environment, including its impact on neurodiverse individuals, and showcase how Lexxic’s expertise can guide organisations in their quest for neuro-inclusion.

The interactive webinar will afford attendees the chance to participate in discussions and pose questions to the host and the neurodiversity experts within the session.

“At Lexxic, we firmly believe that genuine progress towards a more inclusive world begins within the confines of every workplace,” remarked Brooke Elias, Director of Marketing and Communication at Lexxic.

“Our webinar aims to equip organisations with the knowledge and strategies required to embrace neurodiversity and cultivate an environment where every mind finds its place.”

This enlightening event is poised to be a significant stride towards enhanced workplace inclusivity. For more information and registration details, please visit Take Action, Make Impact: How to Create a Neuro-inclusive Culture at Work (lexxic.com).



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