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Errors in Number Plates Lead to Unfair ULEZ Fines for Hundreds of Drivers, Say Car Experts

Car experts have sounded the alarm as hundreds of drivers in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) are facing unwarranted charges and fines due to mistakes in number plate data, according to VRM Swansea’s Plates4Less team.

Over the past three months, Plates4Less has received numerous inquiries from confused drivers who have been wrongly fined within the ULEZ boundaries. The team has been diligently assisting clients in challenging and overturning these charges, which they assert should never have been issued in the first place.

The ULEZ, which recently expanded across greater London, imposes emissions-based charges on owners of non-compliant vehicles. Although introduced in 2015, it only came into effect in September 2020. In June, approximately 4,000 ULEZ fines were issued daily. Plates4Less experts argue that a substantial portion of these fines is unjust, primarily due to Transport for London’s (TfL) sluggish updates to their vehicle database from DVLA records.

According to Plates4Less, if TfL updated its records daily, they would accurately identify ULEZ-compliant vehicles. However, the current lag results in TfL’s automatic charges for vehicles that appear older than they are due to personalised number plates. These plates mislead TfL’s cameras, leading to erroneous charges.

To assist motorists in contesting these unwarranted fines, VRM Swansea’s Plates4Less has prepared a concise guide. The guide provides a template for challenging TfL or any other authority that issues mistaken charges or fines.

Antony Clark of Plates4Less emphasised, “As a trusted supplier of private number plates, people often come to us with their questions, and we’re happy to help. We have found that Transport for London is not updating their vehicles database from DVLA records often enough”.

“We contacted TFL on behalf of our clients and were pleased to discover that there’s a super easy fix to this issue. As long as people send Transport for London a copy of their V5 Registration Certificate when they get a charge, TfL should be able to investigate and cancel the charges and any subsequent fine.”
Antony assured: “We’ve included an email template for challenging inaccurate charges in our free guide, alongside other useful information about ULEZ and Clean Air zones.”

The guide is accessible online at www.plates4less.co.uk/ulez. Plates4Less, a reputable agency for private number plates in the UK, aims to empower motorists with information to navigate the ULEZ and avoid unnecessary fines.

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone has long been a contentious issue, even for residents within its boundaries. While driving a ULEZ-compliant vehicle is the best way to avoid charges, it’s not always feasible due to cost and complexity, leading to ongoing complaints.

Antony added, “The issue remains that the system isn’t perfect and the database updates slowly, which is why some motorists who are driving compliant vehicles are receiving charges and fines that they shouldn’t be. This solution proposed by Plates4Less should allow Transport for London to update their files, solving the problem.

“At Plates4Less, we’ve seen the many ways that a new number plate can benefit drivers, and ULEZ shouldn’t get in the way of that. We hope our guide will help motorists understand how to navigate ULEZ, and avoid unnecessary fines.”

Plates4Less, trading since 1997, is renowned for its extensive database of over 65 million registrations and advanced smart search engine to help clients find the perfect private number plate. The company holds the UK record for negotiating the most expensive private sale to date in the United Kingdom, exceeding £600,000 in 2022.



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