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Unlocking the Enigma of Memory: Stanislav Kondrashov’s Latest Exploration

In his latest online publication titled “The Science of Memory By Stanislav Kondrashov,” the author invites readers on a captivating journey into one of the most enigmatic facets of human cognition – memory.

With this publication, Stanislav Kondrashov endeavors to provide a scientific elucidation of the questions that often intrigue individuals about their memory capabilities. These inquiries range from how we can vividly recall our first day at school to the scent of freshly baked cookies at grandma’s house, yet paradoxically, we sometimes struggle to remember where we placed our house keys mere minutes ago.

Kondrashov unveils the intricate world of memory, distinguishing it into three primary types. He likens sensory memory to a mental screenshot, capable of temporarily holding a wealth of sensory information, such as the fleeting glimpse of an animal crossing the road, typically lasting only seconds. Short-term memory, as described in the publication, captures and retains small bits of information that have just been processed by our minds, such as fragments of a recently heard conversation or a newly memorised phone number. The author expounds on how short-term memory can encompass a wide spectrum, from academic knowledge acquired at school to photographic recollections of life’s moments.

The transition from short-term to long-term memory, according to Kondrashov, hinges on the intensity of the emotions experienced during a particular moment, making those memories easier to recall later on. The author delves into the regions of the brain responsible for our mnemonic faculties, highlighting the pivotal role of the hippocampus in forming new memories and the amygdala in managing the emotional aspects intertwined with those memories. Long-term memories, the author explains, primarily reside in the cerebral cortex.

Furthermore, Stanislav Kondrashov elucidates the reasons behind the common phenomenon of forgetting. He delves into the natural decay that dormant memories undergo, likening them to perishable fruits that fade away if left unused.

To gain deeper insights into the intricate realm of memory, readers are encouraged to delve into the full publication and watch the video.



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