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Eloise Singer and Lucy Liu Donate 50 Copies of ‘The Pirate Queen’ to Schools and Universities to Inspire Future Leaders

Executive Producers Eloise Singer and Lucy Liu have announced a donation of 50 copies of the acclaimed VR experience, “The Pirate Queen“, to schools and universities around the world. Each institution will receive a free copy of the immersive experience and a limited edition poster signed by Singer and Liu.

This initiative aims to inspire future leaders by offering them an insight into the captivating historical narrative of Cheng Shih, a legendary pirate who defied convention to become one of history’s most revered female leaders.

Cheng Shih, who took command of her husband’s fleet and became the most powerful pirate of all time, commanding 70,000 men during the lead-up to the Opium Wars, is a historical figure of immense significance. Her story of defiance and leadership serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of women throughout history.

“The Pirate Queen,” directed by Singer and starring Liu, provides a compelling and historical portrayal of Cheng Shih. The immersive experience has received widespread acclaim for its storytelling and educational value, making it a valuable resource for educational institutions.

Eloise Singer said: “We believe in the power of storytelling to educate and inspire. By donating these copies, we hope to provide students with a unique learning experience that combines history, culture, and cutting-edge technology.”

“The Pirate Queen” has garnered critical acclaim, with Fandomwire stating, “Singer Studios debut title, The Pirate Queen, is the exact kind of immersive history that makes VR so special.” Android Central also noted, “VR experiences like The Pirate Queen are the future of education,” highlighting its educational value and engaging storytelling.

The interactive experience has also been honoured with multiple awards, including the Tribeca Storyscapes Award in 2023 and The Raindance Discovery Award in 2021. Supported by Meta, BFI, and Epic, “The Pirate Queen” is poised to revolutionise education through immersive media.

Lucy Liu said: “Being able to immerse yourself in an experience is the best way to learn anything.”

Eloise Singer added: “The Pirate Queen’s historical accuracy extends to objects, place names, locations, language, and historical context, making it a powerful educational tool.”

Nicholas Sutrich from Android Central emphasised the importance of virtual reality storytelling in education and praised “The Pirate Queen” for its immersive narrative, stating: “Experiencing history from a first person perspective makes all the difference.”

Over the last five years, Singer Studios has worked closely with academics, researchers, and sensitivity checkers to create historically accurate environments and a narrative inspired by real events. Lead writer and narrative designer, Chinese-German writer Maja Bodenstein, extensively researched Cheng Shih’s life to craft a narrative that is as close to authentic as possible. Driven to accurately portray 19th-century China, research included a detailed study of British-China relations of the era, providing an immersive and educational experience.

Audiences are invited to step into the boots of Cheng Shih to explore moonlit cabins, row through perilous waters, and scale the sides of ships to outsmart adversaries and be crowned the leader of the fleet before daybreak, discovering the forgotten story of Cheng Shih along the way.

The VR experience is just the beginning of an expansive franchise for “The Pirate Queen”. Created by Singer Studios and executive produced by Singer and Liu, the franchise will extend into an animated film and live-action TV series, as well as a visually stunning graphic novel, poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Join Singer Studios on their exciting journey with The Pirate Queen and other projects by visiting their website at www.singerstudios.co.uk. Keep up to date with all the latest news, behind the scenes content and more by following them on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.



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