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Revamping IT Infrastructure: Refurbished Servers For Modern Business Needs

London is an exciting place to do business – but it’s also very expensive. Smart companies in the capital are continuously looking to reduce unnecessary expenses. Buying a refurbished server such as a Dell PowerEdge R660 Server is one way of achieving cost savings.

A good quality refurbished server looks and performs like a new one but costs much less. In this breakdown, we highlight the advantages, performance expectations, and installation of pre-owned servers.

What Refurbished Servers Really Mean

Refurbished servers are previously owned, and have been repaired and restored to a fully functional condition by the manufacturer or a third-party refurbisher. Old or faulty components are replaced with quality parts and the refurbished system undergoes robust testing. It’s rebuilt almost as good as new.

A restored server can often be bought for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Given these savings, it’s no surprise that there is a thriving market for these budget-friendly systems.

The Advantage of Opting for a Refurbished Server

Secondhand servers are ideal when your business doesn’t need the very latest technology and performance specifications and your IT budget is restricted. Here are compelling advantages:

  • Cost savings: Significant capital savings are the main attraction of pre-owned servers. A refurbished system can cost up to 70% less than a new one. This saving frees cash flow for other vital business activities.
  • Quicker ROI: The lower upfront cost helps achieve a faster return on investment on your capital expenditure.
  • Reduced e-waste: A refurbished server promotes sustainable business practices. Reusing existing hardware reduces electronic waste. It’s more eco-friendly than constantly buying new equipment. Modern refurbished Dell servers can be just as energy-efficient as new units.
  • Instant availability: Pre-owned servers in stock are available almost immediately. You usually have to wait longer for a brand-new system.

Comparing the Performance: New vs Restored Servers

Restored servers undergo rigorous testing to meet performance standards before being resold. Restored servers from major brands like Dell, IBM, HP, and Cisco are in good condition and function well. You can expect a refurbished Dell tower server to deliver performance comparable to a new one.

In many cases, the vendor will configure the refurbished server to your requirements. You can choose your drives, RAM, RAID cards, and other specifications in line with your performance needs.

Warranty and customer support periods are usually longer for a new server. That said, warranties of up to three years or even longer are available on reputable pre-owned systems.

Installation and Integration of Refurbished Systems

Successfully installing and integrating a refurbished setup requires careful planning and check-listing.

Ensure your refurbished server hardware is compatible with your existing infrastructure. The server must align with your current operating system, software applications, and network architecture. Also, consider the compatibility of any future upgrades you envision.

If you work with a reputable vendor to configure key aspects like storage and network settings, the installation becomes more straightforward.

Before installing, check the equipment for damage. If you’re satisfied, have your IT professional install the server and integrate it with your network, applications, and databases.

Test the system before going live. Check that the server is functioning and communicating properly. Be sure that all applications are working as expected.

Tips for Choosing a Good Server

Consider these tips to help you find the right refurbished server for your business:

  • Know your needs: Understand the performance and capacity requirements of your business applications.
  • Set a budget: Set your budget and work within it. If the server is shipped, know what shipping costs, taxes, and other fees apply.
  • Brand reliability: Stick with reputable brands known for their reliable products.
  • Professionally refurbished: You want to know that certified technicians have refurbished any server you’re considering.
  • Warranty: Look for refurbished systems that provide a warranty covering essential components and repairs. For example, a competitive 3-year warranty is available on refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers.
  • Server history: Enquire about servers with minor cosmetic damage (a scratch and dent, for example) or previously ordered new units. You can sometimes land a tidy bargain on a virtually new system.
  • Scalability: Consider how the server capacity can accommodate increased workloads or system upgrades as your business grows.

Final Considerations

Investing in a refurbished server benefits your budget and the environment. They deliver economical and sustainable wins with competitive deals on refurbished and configurable rack servers.




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