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Embark on a Magical Journey: Spend the Night in Your Own Fairytale Realm

Step into the enchanting world of fantasy and immerse yourself in some of the most extraordinary hotels across the globe, where your dreams come to life. Imagine sleeping inside a mobile Trojan horse, venturing through a troll’s forest, or even residing within a spaceship.

Nestled within a 17th-century cobbled town, these mystical accommodations offer a total of 12 uniquely themed rooms. Whether you yearn to be a swashbuckling pirate, an elegant princess, or an intrepid astronaut, there’s an adventure waiting for every fairytale enthusiast.

For a truly immersive experience, stay at the Monk’s Despair. This room boasts intricate stained glass windows, medieval furnishings, and a table resembling a drawbridge straight from a storybook castle.

Seek clairvoyant insights within the Latcho-Drom caravan, where you can read your future. Behind celestial curtains, a double bed awaits, accompanied by a blood-red bathtub, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

Travel back in time to ancient Greece by residing within a two-storey Trojan horse on wheels. Complete with a functional drawbridge entrance, a wooden bathtub for indulgent soaks, and a hearty breakfast included, this room offers a luxurious escape.

Each of the original rooms features a comfortable double bed, a convenient kitchenette, a shower, a bath, and a TV to unwind with.

Indulge your taste buds at The Gargoyle, a bio-organic restaurant conveniently located on-site, offering an exquisite dining experience.

Starting from just £110 per night, this extraordinary destination is known as La Balade des Gnomes, which translates to ‘Walk of the Gnomes.’ Discover this enchanting haven situated in the picturesque landscape of Luxembourg, Belgium.



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