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Why Are So Many Rugby Clubs in Such Financial Trouble?

Rugby union, especially at the top level, has seen an alarming trend of clubs falling into financial distress, and some have even gone into administration in recent times. This includes Wasps Rugby, Worcester Warriors, London Irish, and Jersey Reds. Is this trend endemic to rugby union? Let’s uncover the several factors contributing to this precarious situation.

Structural Financial Issues

One of the primary reasons for the financial woes in top rugby clubs is the fundamental misunderstanding of business principles. According to RugbyPass, the top-level rugby clubs in England have struggled to apply the basics of running a business, leading to substantial losses. 

All ten solvent remaining English Premiership teams entered the current season after reporting losses for the 2022/23 season, averaging £3.25 million in losses per team.

Competition from Overseas Leagues

The financial viability of English rugby clubs is further threatened by competition from overseas leagues, particularly the French Top 14. 

French clubs benefit from substantial financial backing from global corporations and local councils, enabling them to offer higher wages and attract top talent. This disparity forces English clubs to increase their wage bills to retain players, leading to further financial strain.

The Impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has also played a significant role in exposing and exacerbating the financial instability of rugby clubs. The suspension of matches and the resulting loss of match day revenue forced many clubs into desperate measures to stay afloat. 

The financial instability was so severe that clubs had to continually devise new plans to finish the season and secure necessary revenues from TV deals and match days.

Dependence on Owners

Many rugby clubs rely heavily on wealthy benefactors rather than sustainable business models. This reliance creates a volatile financial environment, as the withdrawal of support from these benefactors can lead to immediate financial crises. 

In contrast, other sports have established more robust revenue streams through broadcasting rights, sponsorships, and merchandising, making them less dependent on individual wealthy owners.

Inefficient Cost Management

There has been considerable unrest around the high costs of running the head offices of Premiership Rugby. Essential functions like finance, marketing, and communications are necessary but must be justified by the tangible value they create. 

The perception that these administrative costs are excessively high contributes to the financial difficulties faced by clubs.

Insufficient Revenue Streams

Rugby clubs have struggled to diversify and grow their revenue streams adequately. Match day revenues, a significant source of income, are not growing fast enough to keep up with rising costs, particularly player wages

The lack of interest in new rugby products, such as the Premiership Rugby Cup, further exacerbates the revenue shortfall. The overall attendance for rugby matches is significantly lower compared to football or other popular sports, limiting the income from ticket sales and associated match day activities.

Emotional Investment of Owners

The decision-making process in rugby clubs is often influenced by the emotional attachment of the owners, who are typically fans themselves. This emotional involvement can lead to decisions that are not based on sound business logic, further destabilising the financial health of the clubs.


The financial troubles of rugby clubs are complex, involving a mix of structural financial mismanagement, over-reliance on wealthy benefactors, inadequate revenue streams, competition from better-funded overseas leagues, and the devastating impact of COVID-19. 

To ensure a sustainable future, rugby clubs must adopt more robust business practices, diversify their revenue streams, and manage costs effectively. The basics of running a business must apply to rugby, just as they do in any other industry.



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