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UK Online Gamblers’ Session Time: Why Did It Drop from 26 Minutes to 16 Minutes?

The UK online gambling market is witnessing a fascinating trend. After years of increasing constantly, the average session duration for online gamblers has dropped from 26 minutes to just 16 minutes. While this reduction might seem minor at first glance, its impact is substantial — affecting both players and the entire online gambling industry. This analysis delves into the potential causes behind this shift, focusing on the rise of mobile gambling and the growing influence of Generation Z. There will also be the strategies online operators are employing to adapt to this new reality and the accompanying challenges.

Increased Competition from Reopening Betting Shops

A crucial factor behind the shorter online gambling sessions was the reopening of licensed betting offices (LBO) on April 12, 2021. These physical venues, where people can place bets in person, presented direct competition to online gambling. Although restrictions in the retail sector began to lift in June 2020, the specific reopening of LBO in April 2021 coincided with the period when online session times started to decrease.

This suggests a possible causal relationship: as physical betting options returned, user behaviour shifted towards shorter online sessions. For a comprehensive understanding, it would be beneficial to consider the reopening dates of other retail sectors and online gambling trends before the pandemic.

Quick Casino Switching and Frequent Sessions with Simplified Registration Processes

Thanks to modern payment methods and authentication options, legal casinos allow players to place real money bets instantly and withdraw potential winnings without delays. If you check out the instant withdrawal casino in the UK from the Legalbet team, you will see that withdrawal timings range from instant to a maximum of 2-6 hours in rare cases.

Previously, you had to wait up to weeks, probably sending and resending documents to verify, to be able to reinvest your winnings. Nowadays, you can even enjoy your favourite game online and try your luck at the same game in multiple casinos in succession.

Strategies for Adapting to Changing User Behaviour

Online operators are increasingly implementing features like faster in-play betting and quicker betting options, targeting users who crave immediate action. This promotes shorter, yet more frequent gaming bursts throughout the day. Additionally, smaller bet size options and easy access via mobile apps facilitate microtransactions, encouraging players to engage more often with lower financial stakes per session. Platforms also prioritise features that quickly capture users’ attention and entice them to return, such as short-term bonuses, time-limited promotions, and daily gamification elements that reward frequent, shorter sessions. For sure, players have the possibility to get notified, when it’s time for the next free reward.

Data supports these developments: despite shorter sessions, there has beena 6% increase in total bets and a 7% rise in spins, indicating that players are indeed playing more frequently, even if individual sessions are shorter. This trend towards rapid and frequent engagement could be a key strategy for staying competitive in the evolving market.

Potential Drawbacks and Challenges

The focus on rapid engagement raises concerns about responsible gambling practices. Shorter sessions could mask an increase in overall gambling frequency, potentially leading to problematic behaviour. Moreover, while shorter sessions might boost initial engagement, operators need strategies to ensure long-term customer retention. It’s essential to make these quicker experiences enjoyable to prevent user attrition.

The Influence of Generation Z

The rise of mobile gambling coincides with the growing influence of Generation Z (the ‘Zoomer’ generation) on the online gambling market. This native tech-savvy generation uses mobile online devices almost permanently and prefers information and entertainment in short, digestible formats.

Their shorter attention spans and preference for on-the-go activities align perfectly with the quick bursts of play seen in mobile gambling. The ease with which this demographic handles mobile technology and their inclination towards faster experiences are likely key factors behind the decrease in average session length.

What Does It All Lead To?

It’s hard to say for sure. But it’s safe to assume that casino owners are well aware of these statistics and seem to be able to control them. While there’s not much that can be done about a generation accustomed to fast content, they certainly have a handle on their own products, like bonus promotions.

Without suggesting that casino owners and their experts literally “control” the minds of online players, it’s evident that certain techniques for keeping users on the platform have been perfected over the years. Right now, despite the statistics, it doesn’t appear that these methods are failing anytime soon.



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