A Guide to Managing Common Health Issues in Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, it’s only natural that, just like humans, they’ll start to develop various health issues. When this happens, their owners need to make sure they have all the care, attention, and medical help they need to keep living happy, comfortable lives, and it’s a good idea to know what exactly that means so you can make sure your own dog doesn’t suffer from its health too much as it ages. With this in mind, here are some ways to help.

Get insurance

Getting insurance for your older dog isn’t always easy, as it can be more costly to buy, which is why it’s wise to get puppy insurance from perfectpetinsurance.co.uk right from the start. Having insurance in place as soon as you get your dog means that no matter what happens (depending on your policy, of course), they’ll always be protected – your insurance policy can grow as they do.

Although you might find that insurance for senior dogs costs more than when you originally got it for a puppy, it’s still much less than vet’s fees, and since those are going to be more frequent as your dog ages because there’s so much more chance of them getting sick with various things, having insurance in place is a sensible financial option if nothing else.

Arthritis and joint pain

One particularly common ailment for senior dogs is arthritis and joint pain, and this condition can make even the simplest of activities, like getting up from the floor or climbing stairs, very painful

You’ll want to do what you can to make your dog more comfortable, and one option is to get them a soft, supportive bed. Something else you can do is to change how you exercise them; rather than going for long, energetic walks, shorter, gentler walks are best, and swimming can be a great way to exercise a dog with arthritis without causing any additional pain.

Dental health

Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is crucial no matter how old they are, but as they get older, it becomes even more important because they’ll be more susceptible to dental issues that cause pain or discomfort and make eating much harder. To make things worse, gum disease can cause other issues, like heart problems, so it’s certainly not something you should ignore.

This is why you need to make brushing your dog’s teeth part of their routine from a very early age and give them chew toys to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. If there’s a problem, you’ll need to see the vet immediately.

Vision and hearing loss

Dog owners might not realise it at first, but the fact is that many of the issues that older people suffer from are the same that dogs can have to deal with, with vision and hearing loss being a prime example.

If this happens, you’ll need to make sure that their living environment is safe and free of obstacles so they don’t fall over or hurt themselves. If they can’t see well, you’ll need to speak to them so they know that you’re there and can follow your instructions, and if they can’t hear well, you’ll need to use hand signals and make sure you’re in their line of sight to help them feel at ease.



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