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Is Earth in Danger? 4 Pressing Issues and How We Can Respond

Earth Day is celebrated the world over on April 22nd every year. This global event serves as a reminder to be more aware and accountable for our actions towards the environment and our impact on the Earth.

With so many concerns at the forefront of global discussions about the planet – it’s important all of us are aware and do what we can. Rampant deforestation, rising pollution, irresponsible overuse of plastic, glaring potable water shortage, and many other environmental issues are driving manmade global warming. This is leading to a rise in temperatures, extreme weather patterns, forest fires, flooding, drought, unnatural rainfall, desertification, and storms.

In the face of it all, humanity is dealing with a mountain of challenges around the damage already done. This is in addition to mitigating unknown risks that lie ahead if we do nothing. It is high time to take responsible steps to tackle these problems that our environment is facing.

Is it possible to change for the better?

Yes, this change is possible, however, true change is the product of consistent contributions by stakeholders at all levels – individual, commercial, municipal, and government.

How can you, as a citizen, become more aware of these issues and start making positive changes?

In this post, learn about the 4 urgent environmental issues and what you can do about them.

4 Pressing Environmental Concerns and How You Can Tackle Them

  1. Depletion of Natural Resources 

Biodiversity loss is fuelled by the destruction of habitats, climate change, and deforestation, creating an imbalance in natural ecosystems. It can take centuries for an ecosystem to establish and thrive. The easiest way we can help preserve biodiversity is by protecting and restoring existing natural habitats.

One measure to take is to minimise land capture for construction and industrial use. Instead, support projects that reuse existing land and preserve natural resources.

Another way is to promote and support the use of sustainable building materials such as reclaimed wood, sustainable concrete, and recycled steel. It’s on all of us to choose greener, eco-friendly materials – from the products we buy to the homes we build. When infrastructure projects and residential buildings employ the use of sustainable concrete or green concrete – an alternative cementitious material – they not only preserve natural resources but also promote the minimisation of carbon footprint.

  1. Energy Wastage

You may not realise it, but your home is probably wasting more energy than you know.  Nearly 17% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels to heat buildings. What can you do about this? Employ energy-efficient solutions to start using energy more efficiently and reduce wasted energy.

Let’s take your building or commercial establishment’s doors for example. If the manual doors to your building or commercial centre are left open, they can lead to loss of cool air in the summer months and heating loss during winter.

A great way to offset this is to install automatic doors at your premises. Working on a sensor, these doors open only when someone approaches and close as they move away. This particular feature minimises the chance of doors being left open, thereby reducing energy wastage. Although automatic door installation may seem like a costly affair at first, they can significantly reduce your energy costs, particularly in a commercial setting.

In addition to the use of automatic doors, you can also use energy-saving appliances such as LED lights and smart thermostats.

  1. Poor Energy Accountability 

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, focus on being more accountable for your energy consumption patterns.

We may not be aware of how much energy the devices and appliances we use in our homes, offices, and commercial buildings are consuming. We also may not be aware of how efficient they are or their overall impact on the environment. This is where an EPC check comes in handy.

Short for Energy Performance Certificate, an EPC is akin to an audit of your overall energy consumption. It offers you insights into where energy is being wasted or misused, thereby taking a step further towards energy accountability.

An EPC audit comprises a thorough inspection of your home’s insulation, lighting and heating. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an EPC certificate with details on the energy performance of your home as well as a recommendations report for areas of improvement.

Whether you’re looking for an EPC in Essex or London, the entire property assessment process is quick and will likely take less than an hour.

  1. Rising Levels of Urban Pollution

Not just our country, but many nations have been grappling with rising pollution levels, especially in urban pockets. Needless to say, the effects of pollution – be it air, water or land – have extreme consequences on the health of citizens and the environment as a whole.

The transport sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally. Working at a grassroots level, we can work towards more protection around pollution control and the promotion of electric vehicles to cut pollution.

As a consumer, you can choose greener fuels for your vehicle or, if you can afford it, purchase an electric vehicle.

To Sum Up

The planet’s situation might seem grave and intimidating, but there is hope. And this hope comes in the form of responsibility and accountability that all people need to take on. The need of the hour is prioritizing sustainability measures for the environment so we can withstand the adverse impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, energy wastage and energy inefficiency.

Although we may never know if some of the damage is reversible, there’s no downside to being more conscious of our actions and taking steps towards a greener, more resilient Earth for future generations.



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