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“Ticket to Ride” Hits Steam: A Digital Twist on a Board Game Classic by Marmalade Game Studio

Marmalade Game Studio has rolled out the much-loved board game “Ticket to Ride” on Steam, delivering a premium digital rendition guaranteed to enchant both enthusiasts and newcomers. This adaptation offers a stunning 3D world, enhanced playability, and beautifully crafted features. Marmalade, known for transforming classic board games like Monopoly and Clue into digital successes, now brings the strategic challenge of expanding a railway empire across America in Ticket to Ride with exceptional visual appeal.

Ticket to Ride, as a board game, has garnered a large and dedicated fanbase. Marmalade Game Studio ensured that the digital version on Steam was developed in tandem with community input, taking on board suggestions from both experts and fans to shape the game’s design and future updates.

Following community feedback, the studio has innovatively used advanced technology to develop a new AI system. This AI, refined by contributions from over one hundred master players and numerous simulated games, provides adaptive and challenging virtual opponents. The system adjusts to various playing styles and levels of expertise, offering a rich single-player experience that mirrors the excitement of the physical game.

The game also boasts diverse multiplayer options, with Marmalade offering a range of game modes. Players can enjoy fast-paced games or longer strategic matches, against others online or in private sessions with friends. The inclusion of asynchronous gaming caters to players in different time zones or those who prefer a more relaxed gaming pace.

This exciting virtual experience is set in a dynamic, 3D world that truly brings the board game to life.

Mike Rosser, Creative Director at Marmalade Game Studio, commented: “When we adapt a board game, we aim to elevate the experience, to bring the world to life in ways that you can only do in digital. That’s especially important for games with a strong theme like Ticket to Ride – we want to capture that spirit of adventure that you associate with the golden age of rail, while giving it a vibrant, modern aesthetic! Our game board is 3D, with lovingly sculpted and textured terrain that helps to make the world feel like a real place, not just a map. You’re not just claiming that route from Denver to Salt Lake City – you’re crossing the Rockies! There are also opportunities to get up close and personal – when you complete a ticket, it flips to reveal a postcard of a train puffing into the destination you just reached, an animated 3D scene that’s like a magic window into the romantic world of steam travel.”

To mark the game’s launch, Marmalade Game Studio has planned a special competition. Players can showcase their skills, share scores, and tag their ideal adventure partner for a chance to win two Amtrak Rail or Interrail Passes, turning their digital journey into a real-life railway adventure.

Mike Willis, co-CEO of Marmalade Game Studio, remarked: “Being big Ticket to Ride players ourselves, it was important to us that we connect with the fanbase from the start, and we intend to keep that relationship going. We have an exciting launch event planned and more to come, with a post-launch roadmap full of updates, including the release of fan-favourite and exclusive never-before seen maps. We’re looking forward to bringing our players hours of fun and excitement in the months and years to come.”

This is the inaugural collaboration between Asmodee Entertainment, Days of Wonder, and Marmalade Game Studio, indicating a bright future of exciting game adaptations for both studios and players.

Ticket to Ride is now available on Steam – embark on your digital railway adventure today!



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